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I take pictures. All kinds that really don't fall under one theme. A jumble of things that don't fit in a single folder.
A reserve of stuff that are scattered across my desktop. From food and travel to animals and nature. So I hope you enjoy them,,
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Sushi Print 
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watta weirdo < / 3

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shaester44 asked: how do you get your photos to have that light/pastel ish look? :)

hmm i usually play around with the curves of a photo (adjustments>curves) or with the exposure and offset :)
(But sometimes it comes natural, depending on the light present at the time when the photo was taken) ((:

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goodmusicandhotchocolate asked: someone's prom poster is looking fucking fabulous around school~

love you jiwon <3 

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been making several prints and posters for my school&#8217;s upcoming fair,here&#8217;s part of the water balloon poster (:
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Anonymous asked: Have you seen Inside Llewyn Davis? It seems like your kind of movie and you'll love the soundtrack :) (pssst: it was directed by the Coen brothers).

HAHA, ooh the same directors of Blood Simple? My faAaAav.
Actually i haven’t seen it, it’s pretty recent though right? Imma check it out~ Thanks! ;)

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Beef Brotwurst, 1 Poached Egg, 3 Corn fritters w/ a sweet and spicy Salsa